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Advanced Production Facilities

As we enter the sixth year of furniture manufacturing, we continue to introduce new product lines and production innovations that will result in continued high quality and competitively priced furniture lines for both our existing and new customers.

Our 60 hectare manufacturing facility is fully equipped with all the essential machinery and equipment coupled with our lean manufacturing processes that result in improved efficiency, effectiveness, and producing beautiful and functional furniture designs.


Log Yard

Our log yards are operated by highly-skilled team members who scale and grade each log to its highest and best use that are harvested from sustainable forests.

Saw Mill

Thanks to technology, our sawmill waste has significantly been minimized and has increased our energy efficiency as well as improve operator safety.


Kiln Drying

With the largest vacuum kilns in Asia we are capable of drying raw lumber in 1/10th of the time it takes in a common conventional kiln.


Our manufacturing involves many processes to convert raw materials into a finished product. A lot of planning goes into this including people, machine and materials.



Proper clamping is key to a well-made piece of furniture, and is an integral part of the manufacturing process, holding together the pieces of wood so they are tight and flush until the glue sets.


CNC Router

Our 5 Axis computer controlled cutting machine – CNC Router is capable of cutting a variety of different materials in a short amount of time, including wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, and foams. 



With our in-house veneering capabilities, we are able to book match, end match, slip match, and custom match veneer paneling in any wood species and apply it to qualified substrates including fire rated cores – a manufacturing process that truly sets us apart from other furniture manufacturers.